Parliament has by majority decision passed the Emissions Levy Bill which will among other things; charge all petrol and diesel car owners 100 cedis every year beginning in January 2024. The government is introducing this new tax bill in Parliament with the aim of promoting the use of eco-friendly sources of energy to power vehicles. The initiative is part of the government’s drive towards more climate-positive actions and to offset its carbon output. However, the Minority in Parliament opposed the passing of the bill. Describing the levy as ‘wusie tax’ they argued that the tax which will be imposed on all commercial vehicles, private vehicles, ambulances, 'okadas', 'aboboyaas' etc will worsen an already dire economic situation in the country. Should the President assent to the bill, companies will also be expected to pay GH₵100 per tonne of carbon dioxide emission. This move follows the government's decision to apply a zero-VAT rate on imported electric vehicles in the 2024 budget. Mr. Ofori-Atta had previously announced the government's plan to expand the Environmental Excise Duty to cover plastic packaging, industrial emissions, and vehicle emissions.