A growing number of residents in Santrokofi, Akpafu and Bowri in the Volta Region are organising to oppose plans to mine for iron ore in their communities. The residents are raising concerns about the impact it would have on their livelihoods and well-being. According to them, the mining could damage their farms and contaminate their water supply, which could lead to health problems. “When the crops produce food for us and we eat, the nutrition that we are supposed to get from them, we will not get it. So we are strongly against mining in this community,” a concerned resident told JoyNews. As part of their resistance, the residents have also taken more direct actions to try and prevent the project from commencing. They have erected signposts in their communities indicating that the area is a no-go zone for mining investors who want to mine iron ore. The Kyidomhene of Santrokofi, Nana Kofi Ollator IV, in an interview with JoyNews, made it clear that he is opposed to the mining project.
He has issued a stern warning to anyone who tries to push ahead with the mining project, despite the opposition by the community. “If they say at your own risk, it’s a very big warning. If you come here and you don’t go back home, that is the risk that you are facing. Yes, because we don’t want these beautiful mountains to be destroyed.”