The COCOBOD Anti-illegal Mining Taskforce has conducted a successful operation resulting in the arrest of two leaders of a gang of illegal miners at Atobrakrom in the Antoa district of the Ashanti Region over the weekend. Excavators and other mining equipment were also confiscated. Acting on a tip-off regarding illegal mining activities damaging cocoa farms in the area, the taskforce swiftly intervened to apprehend the perpetrators. The suspects have been granted police enquiry bail. Prof. Michael Kwateng, Head of the Anti-illegal Mining Desk at COCOBOD, emphasized the importance of protecting cocoa farms and preventing illegal mining activities. He stated that COCOBOD established a dedicated taskforce to combat illegal mining and enforce the Economic Plants Protection Act of 1979, with a focus on prosecuting offenders. Prof. Kwateng reiterated that cutting down cocoa trees without permission is a punishable offense under the law. Cocoa trees are vital economic assets for Ghana, belonging to the nation as a whole and not to any individual, regardless of their societal status. Preserving cocoa farms is crucial for the country’s economic prosperity, and collective efforts are essential to ensure their survival. The COCOBOD Anti-illegal Mining Taskforce remains committed to safeguarding cocoa farms and combating illegal mining activities to protect Ghana’s agricultural heritage.