As part of their solid waste management campaign, Corpnation Foundation and Kobby Kyei News have inaugurated the 4R+ project at Ahentaman Girls High School in the Western Region. The 4R+ Initiative is a solid waste management campaign that aims to promote reduce, reuse, recycle, and recovery (4R) of waste to build a sound-material-cycle society through the effective use of resources and materials. The ‘+’ constitutes tree planting activities (forestry), environmental quizzes and student clubs to effectively drive the initiative following the commissioning of the initiative.
The 4R+ Project is a collaborative effort between Kobby Kyei News and Corpnation Foundation, underscoring their joint commitment to advancing solid waste management and environmental awareness in the community. Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, the Founder of Kobby Kyei News, Mr Kobby kyei said, proper segregation of waste is crucial for a cleaner and healthier environment. He said improper disposal of waste has impacted negatively on the environment contributing to climate change. To encourage students to properly segregate waste, he educated the students about the environmental impact of improper rubbish disposal and the benefits of recycling.
Additionally, he placed clearly labeled recycling bins in prominent locations around the campus to make it easy for students to dispose of their rubber waste correctly. He also established student clubs in promoting recycling initiatives which will help create a culture of responsible waste management.