One person has reportedly been injured and rushed to the hospital after a massive tree fell on a motorbike and a vehicle during a rainstorm that preceded Monday morning’s heavy downpour. The unfortunate event occurred as the motorbike rider, attempting to evade the falling tree, crossed paths with the descending trunk, while a military man who was also caught in the chaos around Cantonments, Accra escaped unhurt.
According to reports, the driver of the vehicle, who happened to be a military personnel, miraculously emerged safe and in good condition. However, the motorbike rider was not as fortunate, as the tree fell on the lower limb of his body, prompting an urgent rush to the police hospital in Osu for medical attention. The Director for Parks and Gardens, Dr Kingsford Adams, addressing the media following the incident, confirmed the details of the accident. He also noted that the repercussions of the fallen tree caused a significant disruption in traffic flow, as drivers appeared hesitant to utilize the road.
Additionally, in the vicinity of the Kotoka International Airport, approximately six vehicles suffered damage due to fallen trees. Vehicles parked around the Landing Restaurant incurred damage when trees collapsed onto them.