The Tema Metropolitan Assembly says it will soon be introducing a bye-law which will compel developers to reserve 25% of their lands for tree planting. Taking their turn in the nationwide tree planting exercise, the Chief Executive Officer of Tema Mr. Yohanee Armah Ashitey indicated that, the bye-law had been approved and at a gazzetting stage which would be implemented in two months time. He stressed that, after the law is passed, the assembly will inspect all building plans to ensure that developers make room for the landscaping of their property frontage which includes the planting of trees, plants and grasses before is finally gives out a permit. This, he said, is to ensure that the greening of Tema would be maintained. He again mentioned that the assembly hopes to plant 5,000 trees before the close of the year. Also 200 seedlings will be assigned to assembly members to be planted and nutured and awards will be given to the assembly member whose plants are doing well.