The Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development says it has targeted to train about 200,000 youth to be aquaculture farmers under the Aquaculture for Food and Jobs module. This aims at promoting food security, supporting increased aquaculture production and providing additional job opportunities along the aquaculture value chain. It is also to encourage the private sector through economic incentives to increase investment in commercial fish farming as well as promoting small scale fish farming in the country. High consumption of fish with a low supply makes fish farming a lucrative agricultural business in Ghana yet the youth seems not to be developing interest for the business. Interested persons besides appear not to be familiar with the potential of fish farming coupled with its huge profit margin. However, Chief Director at the Fisheries Ministry Kwesi Armo-Himbson in an interview with Onua TV on November, 15 has hinted on devices by the ministry to empower about 200,000 youth into fish farming. The youth he has said will receive knowledge and skills on aquaculture farming as well as supported with subsidized inputs. “We have said that in the next five years we should be able to engage about 200,000 youth and other people to be in the aquaculture farming under the aquaculture for food and jobs programme”. So those who will come under the programme would be supported with the initial construction of the ponds, supply of fingerlings as well as the feed, he reiterated. Mr. Kwesi Armo touching briefly on this year’s Fish Festival celebration to be held in Accra on 24th November, to 25 November opined that the festival will reflect the important role of the Agriculture Sector to the economic development of Ghana. He thus underscored that the festival will also highlight the government’s vision to transform and grow the aquaculture sub-sector to increase domestic fish production, reduce fish import and create job opportunities along the value chain.