The death toll of the premix fuel explosion at Ngyiresia in the Western region has risen to six following the death of three more victims. The deceased have been identified as Daniela Cornelius, 14, Nurideen Morrison, 24, and Kojo Egyir, 55. Daniela is said to have passed at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital where she was undergoing treatment in the early hours of Wednesday, June 5, 2024. Nurideen and Kojo also passed at separate locations on Sunday, June 2, 2024. The Assemblyman, Gabriel Mensah confirmed the news said Daniela was scheduled to undergo a surgery but the process delayed due to lack of funds. “Daniela was transferred to Korle Bu together with another victim but we had a call this morning that she also could not make it. The chief of Ngyiresia, Nana Doko Agyemang III added Kojo Egyiri, a fisherman, was relocated to a herbal medicine center at Moree in the Central region. “He opted to be discharged from the Effia Nkwanta Regional hospital with assistance from family members. He, unfortunately, could not survive the pain after a few days and died. “As for Nuredeen Morison, he was transferred from the St. Benedict Hospital but all the bigger facilities were full, so we could not have a place to admit him. His father had no other option than to take him to his brother’s hospital and that is where he died,” he explained. The incident occurred on Saturday, May 18, leaving two victims dead while 14 others were left receiving treatment. The fire was ignited by leaking premix fuel that came into contact with flames from a nearby fish-smoking facility. “They needed money for her surgery, but we could not help because all donations made have been exhausted. We still have two more victims at Effia Nkwanta who are to be transferred to a bigger facility, but we have no money to facilitate it,” he told Takoradi-based Connect FM.