Several attempts to find 33-year-old forest guard Vitus Yuordong, who went missing during an operation to combat illegal chainsaw operators in the Asukese Forest of the Sunyani Forest District, have proven unsuccessful. According to a report, despite extensive search efforts by two teams combing the reserve and neighbouring communities, including Daadom, Yawsae, Antwikrom, Atronie, Kufuor Camp, and Nsuta, there has been no sign of Yuordong. Francis Brobbey, the Sunyani Forestry District Manager, revealed that during the operation, Yuordong and a fellow guard decided to separate temporarily to attend to nature's call. While the other guard returned after approximately 30 minutes, Yuordong never reappeared. Concerned about his absence, his colleagues initiated a search in the surrounding bushes but to no avail. Yuordong was reported missing along with his equipment, including a pump-action gun with registration number AFOO63604, a machete, and a handbag. He was last seen wearing a green camouflage forest uniform.
Vitus Yuordong on the field
The case has been reported to the Bono Regional Criminal Investigation Department of the Ghana Police Service for further investigation, as confirmed by the forestry manager. Despite reaching out to forest-fringe communities such as Asaame and Nsuta, no information regarding Yuordong's whereabouts has surfaced. While the search team managed to confiscate three chainsaw machines from illegal operators during their operation, Yuordong's disappearance remains a mystery. The missing forest guard hails from Nandom in the Upper West Region. Meanwhile, the CEO of the Forestry Commission John Allotey in an interview said the incident has been reported to the police to assist in the investigation, and search parties comprising their officers, police and other security officers are all on the field to assist with the search. The CEO appealed to the various communities along the Asukɛse forest reserve to assist them with the search and also provide them with the necessary information to help find VITUS YOURDONG.