The Ghana Environmental Advocacy Group and its partners are set to deliver a petition to President Nana Addo on Tuesday, May 14, 2024 over proposed mining in the Draw Forest Reserve. The group has expressed concern over the mining rights granted to Betterland Ghana Ltd, a subsidiary of Tower Assets Ltd, to mine a substantial portion of the Draw River Forest Reserve, a Globally Significant Biodiversity Area. According to the group, the license was granted by the Minerals Commission with an expiry date of August 2033, citing concerns of environmental stewardship and the potential destruction of the forest reserve. The Draw River Forest Reserve is a home to rare, threatened, and endemic species. "In Ghana, the Environmental (Mining in Forest Reserves) Regulation, 2022 Legislative Instrument (L.I 2462) prohibits mining in restricted or protected areas, including forest reserves. Section 3(1) of L.I 2462 states: “A person shall not issue a license or permit to any person to undertake mining activity, including exploration activity in the following areas — a globally significant biodiversity area; a protected provenance area; an institutional research plot; a hill sanctuary; a high conservation value area; a seed orchard; swamp sanctuary; plantation sites and cultural sites,” unless with written approval by the President in the national interest. Section 3 (2) of LI 2462 abridged. What national interest does destroying these critical national treasures for private gain serve, Mr President?," the statement said. The petition will also be delivered to Parliament, the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, the Minerals Commission, the Forestry tomorrow.