Deputy Director of A Rocha Ghana, Daryl Bosu, has described Green Ghana as a carefully crafted programme deliberately co-opting all persons of influence in society, to offer the government a good cover-up for all their double standards when it comes to their lack of commitment to securing a sustainable environment for Ghanaians. “They know most of us fall for the populist sloganeering and flowery speeches so they are taking full advantage of it. If we have citizens boycotting their double standards, they will eventually learn to respect citizens and not take us for granted”, he noted. Mr Bosu was reacting to a leaked video tape where the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Parliamentary Candidate for Amenfi East, Ernest Frimpong in the company of the Western Regional Minister, was heard urging illegal miners locally referred to as ‘galamseyers’ to resist any attempt by the military or any security officer to stop them from doing their work. Mr. Frimpong said neither the military nor any security operative currently wields the power to stop anyone from engaging in illegal mining. “We have cancelled Operation Galamstop and the soldiers who have been tormenting you. So, officially, they don’t have any mandate to do that again,” he stated. He therefore asked the illegal miners to fight back against the officers whenever they make any attempts to intimidate them since they have no such authority. The Deputy Director of A Rocha Ghana, in his reaction to the comment by the NPP candidate, wondered how many people out there are also busy spreading messages to blatantly resist enforcement and compliance work by the security and regulatory agencies. “Right when we came from Cop 27 in Egypt where our government promised more actions to protect forests for climate action, an LI to open up our protected forests was already waiting to kick in by November 22nd, 2022. They say we are planting trees in degraded forests yet the Minister is happy to issue administrative instructions for protected forests to be logged”, he observed. The government, Mr Bosu said, comfortably declassified portions of Achimota forest for grey infrastructure, and yet every Green Ghana day, they take the diplomatic community there to go and plant trees in the remaining areas of the forest. “The fact there is inaction on the part of government when it relates to developments like this makes me doubt the commitment of government to addressing the impunity associated with the environmental destruction we are experiencing now. Green Ghana is well orchestrated to cover up government's double standards. It’s scandalous”, he said.