It has been revealed that, the notorious poacher, who travelled over 100 kilometres from Tumu in the Upper West Region to Mole National Park in the Savannah Region for poaching is a Senior High School teacher. The poacher, identified as Johah Forkah, 42 years of age and a native of Sorbelle in the Sissala-West District of the Upper West Region, teaches at the Kanton Senior High School in the Upper West Region of Ghana. He disclosed after his arrest that he took permission from his school to attend to some issues at home. He was then invited by a friend popularly known as C. K., a native of Grumbelle community in the Wa-East District of the Upper West Region for poaching. Without hesitation, he acknowledged the invitation with another friend by the name Lukeman. Together they illegally entered the park last Saturday and set up a poaching camp within the Gbanwelle beat of the park. On Sunday, 23rd June while on their poaching expedition, they killed a warthog and asked Lukeman to transport the carcass to their established camp while he, Johah Forkah and C. K. continued the hunt. After some hours of searching for other wildlife without any positive outcome, they decided to return to their poaching camp. On arrival at the camp, rangers of the park on an operation who came across the camp and laid ambush at about 100 meters away commanded them to surrender to arrest but they took to their heel and upon a hot chase, the Teacher Johah Forkah was arrested.