Green Ghana Day is a significant annual event in Ghana dedicated to reforestation and environmental sustainability. Initiated by the government of Ghana in 2021, this day is part of the broader Green Ghana initiative, aiming to mobilize citizens, organizations, and institutions to participate in nationwide tree-planting activities. This year's event aimed at planting 10 million trees nationwide was on the theme “Growing for a Greener Tomorrow.” With the regional event hosted in Kintampo and the commemorated planting taking place at the Kintampo waterfalls, Terraformation partnered with the Bono East Regional Forest Services Division to celebrate Green Ghana Day by donating 20,000 seedlings. In his opening remarks, the Bono East Region Forest Service Division Manager Mr. Dickson Adjei Sakyi’ commended Terraformation for becoming a titled sponsor for this year's Green Ghana Day in the region, expressing the hope that, their partnership will continue in the ensuing years. He indicated that the region targeted 110,000 trees aiming to reach a survival rate of more than 70%. The Bono East Regional Minister, Mr Kwasi Adu-Gyan in his opening address expressed the government’s commitment to reducing the impact of degradation, adding that, the region will do all it takes to get back to its former glory as the food basket of Ghana. According to him, charcoal production and unwarranted cutting of trees have reduced the region's forest to bare land. He therefore advised all residents of the region to take tree planting seriously. He also advocated for an initiative dubbed “One Student One Tree’ to help reforest schools and their environment.
Mr Adu-Gyan planting a tree (File Photo)
Mr Adu-Gyan commended companies like Terraformation for becoming the lead sponsor for the region's green Ghana and asked for long-term partnerships in combating the challenges of climate change in the region. In a commemorative speech delivered by Daniel Kofi Abu, Program Manager, Africa, Terraformation, he explained that, Terraformation is in Ghana to stay and would continue to pursue various engagements with the national government to scale up the nationwide carbon project.
Mr Daniel Kofi Abu planting a tree at the Kintampo Waterfalls
He indicated that, Terraformation sees Green Ghana as an initiative worth partnering with the government and would continue to collaborate with the government and other institutions towards achieving the government's broader agenda on the environment.
About terraformation
Terraformation a company founded by Yishan Wong, a former CEO of Reddit, with the mission to reverse climate change through global reforestation. The company aims to scale up reforestation efforts worldwide by providing the necessary tools, technologies, and support to local communities and organizations.