Chief Executive Officer(CEO) for the Minerals Commission, Martin K. Ayisi, says there is no law in Ghana that bans mining in forests. He says there are only rules and processes that people who want to mine in forests can follow in order to extract minerals. Martin K. Ayisi was speaking on Ghana Television when he made this known. “No law in Ghana today says that mining has been banned in forests. I need to correct that before we start another misinformation or create another panic or problem. There is no law in Ghana, as far as I’m concerned, that says that you can’t mine in forests; you can’t go and extract a mineral in the forest. If you want to mine or extract a mineral in forests, there are rules governing that. There are certain protocols you have to follow. So let’s separate that from the illegal mining we’ve seen over the years,” he said. This comes after there were reports suggesting that a mining company intends to takeover some parts of Kakum National Park for mining The news was met with outrage with a number of Ghanaians complaining about how the government is giving out all the country’s assets without recourse to the next generation