Environmental NGO, A Rocha Ghana has reiterated its call for the repeal of the Legislative Instrument (L.I), L.I 2462 which was passed in November 2022 by parliament. According to A Rocha Ghana, the L.I has practically opened up all forest reserves for mining and immediate steps must be taken to suspend all mining concessions in these vital life-supporting ecosystems. This was contained in a statement to mark the 2024 World Environment Day on the theme “Land Restoration, Desertification, and Drought Resilience”. The statement urged the government to act swiftly to restore water bodies and ensure quality water supply for all. “As we approach Green Ghana Day on June 7th, a day meant to contribute to greening Ghana, it is important to remember that before planting new trees, we must first secure existing forests”, the statement said. While citizens respond to the clarion call to aggressively restore the land and plant more trees, A Rocha Ghana is demanding the same commitment, without contradictions from the government in ensuring that their works are not in vain by taking action to secure existing forests and protecting the sanctity of rivers and watersheds. It also called on all state and non-state actors to reflect deeply on the environmental footprint of the country. “We must ask ourselves if we are proud with how we have stood by and allowed the destruction of our water bodies, forest reserves, and environment”. “Why have we become spectators, watching a few individuals, connected to the seat of government or otherwise, to plunder and destroy the priceless natural resources that have sustained us for generations”, it asked. “On this special day, we all need to recognize the crucial responsibility in bringing about positive environmental changes. We all need to rise up in our communities, workplaces, and our homes to take action to end the unprecedented environmental destruction, particularly the scourge of irresponsible legal and illegal mining, that has led to the destruction of our productive lands, water bodies, and forests and exposed citizens today and tomorrow to health, food insecurity and water scarcity risks”, the statement added. It reminded the government of its fiduciary duty to protect the welfare of Ghanaians, urging leadership to take responsibility and rally all towards sustainable development. “The current impunity resulting in environmental destruction must end. We wish everyone a memorable World Environment Day and urge all to take meaningful action for the future of our environment and our country, Ghana.”, the statement concluded.