Residents of Old Yakaase in the Aowin municipality of the Western North Region have seized illegal mining equipment after being found on River Disou in the area. Galamsey activities have destroyed almost all the water bodies in the area with the exception of River Disou in the municipality. This has led the chiefs and residents of Dabi Asem, Fawokabra, and Old Yakaase to decide to fight against any illegal mining on the river. The chief of Old Yakaase, Nana Ndoli Kwaku I, formed a voluntary task force to monitor activities on the river bodies, particularly River Disou because it is the only source of water for domestic, irrigation, and other purposes in the area. As part of their duties, the task force found and confiscated illegal mining equipment mounted on the river Disou in the deep of the forest to the palace. Some of the residents registered their displeasure with the miners and how their activities are affecting them. “We have nowhere to get money to purchase water. All our cocoa trees are ruined so we will protect our river. Whoever does not know and mounts illegal mining equipment, we will not bring it home at all but burn them,” one of the indigenes said. However, other residents of Old Yakaase threatened to fight anyone who engages in illegal mining on the only source of water in their community. “Whoever decides to mount illegal mining equipment will not have it easy with us.” The chief of Old Yakaase, Nana Ndoli Kwaku I, expressed worry about the state of the rivers in the area that have been destroyed by the miners.
He explained that the owners of the seized mining equipment should come to the palace to identify their items. “They are mining on the land and I also heard that they have polluted part of our water leaving only the one that serves as our source of drinking water. “So I want everybody to understand that if you have mining equipment mounted on the river Disou, I have ordered the youth to go for them and it’s now with me. “If you are able to explain the reason why we should give it back to you, then we hand it over to you.”