More than ever, Ghana is faced with several existential environmental threats and pressure, posing risks for socio-economic development and environmental well-being for now and the future. Identifying, generating evidence, and telling these stories from an objective and unbiased reporting and documentary has become even more significant to inform and inspire citizens and stakeholders for positive change and the required leadership for the change we want to see. As an organization that is into advocacy about environmental sustainability and media for communication, the Environment Report, publishers of is delighted to invite environmental journalists and reporters to participate in a unique opportunity to make a real difference through reporting on critical environmental issues in Ghana. Overview: We are commissioning stories on various environmental topics to raise awareness, promote sustainable practices, and foster a deeper understanding of the issues affecting our environment now and the future. Our goal is to inform and inspire to collective action to spark positive change towards a greener, healthier, and more sustainable and just world.
Key Focus Areas
: 1. Climate Change Mitigation, Adaptation and Resilience: Dive into the impacts of climate change on vulnerable communities, and ecosystems. 2. Biodiversity Conservation: Explore the significance of biodiversity, the threats posed by habitat destruction and species extinction, and efforts to protect and restore our natural ecosystems. 3. Extractive Industries: Focus on environmental and social safeguards as well as sustainability standards that address illegal mining, and secure social and environmental safeguards 4. Waste Management: Shed light on how waste is being reduced, and recycling initiatives to combat pollution and environmental degradation. 5. Environmental Rights, Justice, and Safeguards for Environmental Defenders: Examine business and human rights issues, through the lens of social equity, focusing on marginalized communities disproportionately affected by environmental challenges and the rights of citizens and communities to a healthy environment.
Guidelines for Submissions
: 1. Originality: We encourage fresh and innovative story ideas that have not been previously covered extensively. A unique angle or a local perspective can add value to the piece. 2. Accuracy and Credibility: Thoroughly research your chosen topic, citing reliable sources and experts. Fact-checking is crucial to maintain the credibility of your work. *Evidenced-based:* 3. Solutions-Oriented: While it is essential to highlight the severity of environmental challenges, we encourage stories that also explore potential solutions and successful initiatives. 4. Visual Elements: Whenever possible, include compelling visuals such as photographs, infographics, or videos to enhance the storytelling. Impact Measurement: We value stories that lead to tangible positive outcomes or spur meaningful conversations. Consider the potential impact of your reporting.
Submission Details
: • Word Count: Aim for a target of 800 to 1500 words, unless a more in-depth feature is warranted. • Format: Submit stories in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, including hyperlinks to your sources where applicable. • Visuals: Attach image files separately with proper captions and credits. • Deadline: Stories will be accepted on a rolling basis, and you will receive a confirmation email upon receipt of your submission. Compensation and Rights: We believe in fair compensation for your hard work and dedication. If your story is accepted for publication, we offer competitive rates as per industry standards. As for rights, we seek first-publication rights and non-exclusive ongoing rights to republish in future collections.
How to Submit
: Please send your pitches or completed stories to with the subject line "Environmental Story Commission - [Your Story Title]." Our editorial team will review all submissions diligently, and you will be notified of their decision within [timeframe]. We look forward to your contributions to spreading awareness about pressing environmental issues and inspiring meaningful change. Together, let's shine a light on the path towards a sustainable and thriving future for all. Sincerely, The Managing Director The Environment Report