A businesswoman, Josephine Amekorwu, has been fined by a Hohoe Magistrate’s Court for building in a marshy area without a development permit. Amekorwu pleaded guilty and was convicted on her own plea. She will pay GH¢600 or in default serve six months in prison. She is also to pay GH¢500 as compensation to the Hohoe Municipal Assembly. Mr Frank Azila-Gbettor, prosecuting, told the court, presided over by Madam Edith Lucy Dzormeku, that on December 9, 2021, the Development Control Taskforce of the Assembly went on a routine check on development projects in the Hohoe Township. During the rounds the team realised that the convict was building a house in a marshy area at Atabu, off the Fodome road, which was zoned for agricultural purposes. Mr Azila-Gbettor said the convict was educated and asked to stop work but on March 22, last year, the team revisited the site and served the convict a letter to demolish the building under construction, which she refused. He said the convict completed the said building and started a new one beside it. The prosecutor said anytime it rained heavily, the place got flooded, creating inconveniences for residents in the area.