The Water Research Institute of the Center for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is calling on the government to take decisive action and play a leading role in sustaining the fight against water pollution in the country. This plea was made during the second lecture in a series of lectures organized by the CSIR as part of its Open Day activities. Delivering a lecture on the theme “Ghana’s Water Security: Rethinking the Value of Water,” Dr. Anthony Yaw Karikari, Chief Water Research Scientist at the Water Research Institute, emphasized that addressing wastewater pollution is crucial for the country’s environmental health. He indicated that ‘a comprehensive approach is needed, encompassing wastewater treatment, climate-friendly practices, stormwater management, regular monitoring, and plastic waste reduction for sustainable water management in the country.’ Dr. Anthony Yaw Karikari stressed the urgency of implementing these measures to effectively address the country’s pollution problems. In an interview with Citi News, Principal Water Research Scientist Dr. Gloria Addico highlighted the crucial link between pollution prevention and water quality. She underscored the need to protect aquatic life by preventing both land and water pollution. Dr. Addico says ‘there is an integral relationship between safeguarding water quality and preserving the health of aquatic ecosystems, calling for a consistent and pragmatic approach to addressing the existing challenges,’ she indicated.